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Voice required for super villainess Arachnophobia!

2013-02-26 13:56:58 by CaffineClown

Oh gaawwwwd, I've made a frontpage post ... AND NO ONE KNOWS WHO I AM! This could only end badly. Anyway, if your actually remotely interested in reading what I've got to post I'm looking for voice artist to do a bit of acting for a character as part of an upcoming animationy-piece!

(NOTE: Willow has her voice! Thank you to everyone who sent a reel my way for her role. Please continue to send me voice samples if you wish! I will consider them for future characters!)

This is Willow, a 30-something jaded coach potato. She's quite miserable and boring now, but back in her prime she was 'Arachnophobia'! Right hand of the self proclaimed lord of fear and darkness, 'Thanatophobia'! She was the aspiring Queen of Terror a few years ago; not only being Thanatophobia's most trusted general, but one of his few minions to actually survive working for him. But there's only so many doomsday devices and mountain fortress explosions you can go through before you say "enough"... so she left. Now she sits in her rented apartment watching reality television... But unbeknownst to her, her former boss has searched and searched for his most trusted minion in the hopes of persuading her back into the life of the super villain! Amazing pay checks, excellent staff care, and other such lies await her should she choose to accept! But how do you say no? You don't! She'll be back .... they always come back ...


Voice required for super villainess Arachnophobia!


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2013-02-26 20:10:32

If it makes you feel any better, I know who you are ^^' *waves*


2013-02-27 01:00:43

If nobody turns up and you get desperate, I volunteer, but I'm a complete newbie when it comes to recording. No experience what so ever. lol

Good luck!